Change for Me is a collective – which means we rely on the generosity of volunteers to make things happen. Neuro-immune diseases are often referred to as ‘invisible diseases’ because not only are the symptoms not always easily seen, but patients suffer in silence, and are often not well enough to leave the confines of their homes. In other words, people who suffer these diseases literally become invisible to the outside world.

As a person becomes less able to attend work and social gatherings and events, friends, and even family, slowly drift away leaving the person who is most in need alone. Many struggle daily with the essentials of life such as preparing a meal or taking a shower. Some struggle to even make phone calls, such as doctor’s appointments.

A simple donation of your time – that seems insignificant to you – could be a great help to someone suffering from neuro-immune illness. Any contribution you can offer no matter how small or sporadic is of value to us, and we will gladly work with you to find a suitable way for you to contribute.

Currently we are particularly seeking people who can assist with:

  • Online promotion of our website and social media sites. This can be as simple as posting links to us on your facebook page.
  • Advocacy work such as writing letters, doing online research and making phone calls.
  • Running errands for sufferers in your local area.
  • Soup kitchens, cooking or delivering meals for sufferers.
  • Being our public presence by representing us at rallies and events in the ‘real world’ community.


Contact us at our Facebook page if you have any time and energy to donate, and would like to help us make a positive change.