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Tennille and kids on the road 2015

Tennille and her family have been through the ringer with Lyme Disease, but with unmatched courage they have hit the open road to experience life and to spread awareness. Here is an insightful window into their world.

“Sometimes when I let myself catc
h my breath when I’m not able to distract myself I can only cry…

Years ago the Dr said I had Lyme disease and that I should also have the kids tested, they all came back positive. Being so sick myself and dreading what was next for them I kinda became a walking encyclopedia, that really irked the naysayers. Through necessity I discovered simple things to help us cope with the never ending onslaught of symptoms that seemed to come thick and fast. I remember one night I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the night, my seizures were so bad I was terrified, surely this wasn’t how my life should be? I still remember my little guy being so proud of me when I started being able to take a few steps he cried with pride at the tender age of three. I fought so hard to stay alive, it’s not been easy, at any stage. I’ve been really lucky to have Mum’s support but when you’re that sick and your kids are sick it becomes overwhelming.

Everyday was the same, I’d get up try and not panic with awful symptoms and try and cope with getting basics done. It wasn’t a life although I really tried to make it a life. I planted the seed with Richard exactly a year ago that we could travel Australia. I tried to give him a gentle hint by giving him a book called Surfari. I was dying inside despite a positive exterior. I was a party girl, I was larger than life, our house was always filled with the next party plans! I got sick, I had no friends, I had no life plans, this wasn’t part of who I wanted to be so I was going to make a way of changing it.

Raising awareness and helping other Lymies was something I did day in day out at home and people often asked me if I ever planned on visiting them. So raising awareness on a mass scale became a purposeful project that I could try and make a difference with. When we first started off, it wasn’t much fun, the symptoms of what we had been through increased ten fold. I had many scary nights alone, my whole plan of being well away from my house came crashing down pretty quick!

Fast forwards a few months and our health is still the same mostly but at least we don’t have the same old to drive us mad and the extreme financial burdens. The massive amount of awareness raised amongst rural Australia is huge!”

To follow more of their journey visit www.tickedoffandtravelling.com andhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/407574199389973/